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Time to choose UK's path: love, or hate?

UK brexit poison

Dignity, freedom, respect, equality and rule of law. 

These ideas motivate the European Union project and are universally relevant, summarising the best aspirations of humanity across the globe.

In contrast, the UK's Brexiteering politicians incited fear and hatred to get what they wanted.

The Brexit crucible has produced many examples of the different outcomes that attend the different approaches:

  • Fear and Hate seem to influence a video yesterday of Farage ranting away despite having 'won' whilst Dignity and Respect led to pro UK speeches from numerous MEPs and a generous and graceful projection of the Union Jack around "The Grand Square" in Brussels.
  • Fear and Hate have produced pro-Brexit protests by shirtless men sporting nazi Swastika tattoos and pro-Brexit marches that seemed to be attended by more police than protesters, whereas the pursuit of Freedom and Equality created colourful, peaceful and passionate pro-EU demonstrations attended by millions.
  • Fear and Hate regularly generated vicious abuse of people who have been courageously fighting to reintroduce out-of-control Brextieer politicians to the rule of law.

It seems then that Positive motives produce better outcomes whereas Fear and Hate have simply produced a Brexit void, admired by people who don't understand it, created by politicians who cannot admit why they manufactured it.

Brexiteers have their own ideological ideas and personal preferences about how to fill the void, but a grass roots movement demanding better has the potential to sweep them into history. 

So in spite of Brexit being forced upon the unwilling majority, you do still have a choice which neither Johnson, nor Farage can control: to decide whether you wish to commit to cherishing, advocating and sharing the EU's universal principles.

Advocating those principles has the potential to redefine UK citizen's expectations of their politicians and to keep the UK more closely aligned with the EU

Or to put it another way, the more of us who actively commit to love, the less room there will be for hate.
How to live honestly in a post-truth country?

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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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