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Brexit Sanity Check for UK MPs: none of your constituents voted for this.


Open letter to UK Members of Parliament

Dear Member of Parliament (MP)

Many 'interested' individuals and organisations are busy running interference on Brexit, deploying smoke and mirrors to try to ensure they get what they want, apparently at any cost, resulting in a divided and confused population.

But the basic facts are very clear; we already know what history will say about Brexit:

A country that was benefitting significantly from EU membership, in which long term trends show 90% of the population had no problem being a member, voted by an unworkably small majority (for such a big change) to leave, after having been bombarded with sustained mis-information, lies and manipulations by politicians and newspapers.

And what of those UK politicians? What will history make of their contribution?

When the referendum result came in, sensible, inclusive, responsible leadership would have calmed the country and given time to cost and explore options. Instead:

Labour and Tory combined to dismiss the views of half the population ("Brexit means Brexit").

They unilaterally decided their own political ideologies would be best served

By a complete break, with all EU bodies, as soon as possible

Thereby disenfranchising the remaining half of the population.

Whilst repeatedly attempting to shut down any further public debate. 

Leading to a negligent and reckless launch of article 50

Thereby multiplying and magnifying the already severe risks

The UK is in crisis, so there's no point beating about the bush: these actions by left and right wing politicians are manipulative, incompetent, and are causing unnecessary damage to the UK and her population.  In the real world, leaders behaving like this would be sacked. 

Westminster is clearly an odd and highly pressured place though, and it would be difficult to believe any of the politicians actually intended harm.  

But, despite some honourable exceptions (those MPs who have been consistently striving to communicate the reality of Brexit and those that have risked approbation and worse by putting the well being of the UK's people before the inane demands of their own party), it seems inevitable that posterity will be deeply dismayed by the actions of UK politicians through 2016 and 2017. 

Will Brexit somehow succeed despite all of the lies and manipulations?  Will the end justify the means?   

For most of the UK population, Brexit is just damage.

It was never going to be a measurable success as no measurable benefits were ever identified.

Worse than that though, from a change management perspective, the actions of UK Politicians - ignoring stakeholders, failing to communicate, failing to plan, failing to acknowledge the highly likely, high severity risks, failing to mitigate those risks and of course, failing to specify any measurable benefits accruing to the population - have ensured that the current trajectory leads to abject failure.

Those actions have also, at home and abroad, raised serious questions as to the integrity of UK democracy and the competence and honesty of contemporary UK politicians.

How and why Westminster allowed this to happen are questions that will need to be answered in due course.

More pressingly though, UK MPs now have the chance, the responsibility, and the obligation, to start restoring faith in UK democracy. 

The current Brexit foundations - as described above from the perspective of an experienced project manager - are built of jelly.  Nothing of any substance can be constructed on them, but if parliament relinquishes control then this fatally flawed implementation will plough on regardless.

Leaving the EU by destroying the UK, is not success 

So the logical conclusion is clear: it now falls to each MP to fulfil their duty to the nation and the people by fighting, and voting, to preserve parliamentary democracy; any MPs failing to do so are wilfully acquiescing to massive economic, societal and cultural damage which will likely impact an entire generation.

And none of your constituents, voted for that.


A concerned citizen.


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