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Brexit: Davies and May, chasing EUnicorns.


​A reporter is talking to a Brexit Negotiator

Reporter: "So, can you tell us what the minimum outcome is that the UK government would accept from Brexit negotiations?"

Negotiator: "Well, I don't think I can be exact, but really, we'd be disappointed with anything less than two of the EU's Unicorns"

Reporter: "Two Unicorns? So that is the minimum result to ensure the UK isn't absolutely shafted as a result of Brexit? Would that be correct?"

Negotiator: "Yes, I think ball park, those sorts of numbers would be needed to avoid this becoming exactly the absolute shambles that we were warned about before the referendum."

Reporter: <raises his hand to earpiece> "Ok...ah....I'm getting something from my researcher here....he says that unicorns are fictional animals, they don't exist."

Negotiator: "ah, ok, I see.  That's not great news. ........ o dear"

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