Why does Tory win feel dirty?

A fridge speaks to the nation
We hereby present mutterings heard emanating from the downing street fridge on election night which may have been Johnson's first attempt at an acceptance speech (we emphasise, we are using some of his own 'colourful' (you may have a different word for them) descriptions in the first few paragraphs  -not our own ).&nbs...
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Brexit: Davies and May, chasing EUnicorns.

​A reporter is talking to a Brexit Negotiator Reporter: "So, can you tell us what the minimum outcome is that the UK government would accept from Brexit negotiations?" Negotiator: "Well, I don't think I can be exact, but really, we'd be disappointed with anything less than two of the EU's Unicorns" Reporter: "Two Unicorns? So that is the minim...
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Brexit Logic Error

The government yesterday retracted their previous solution ('burn everything') to the Brexit equation due to finding an error in their calculations. A spokesman said "As you know, complex calculations underpin our diligent preparation for exiting the EU. In fact, we have based all our plans to date on careful reading of the Sun, the Daily...
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Brexit: Project Management Approach

Two senior executives of a quite successful widget manufacturing company recruit you as Project Manager, to deliver their vision of welding the gates to the company's main site shut.  One is from Human Resources (HR) and they believe they'll be much better able to control the conditions of employment of the workforce once the workforce can no ...
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Brexit: UK Operating System downgrade

The UK runs democracy version 1.0 which contains some code that is 800 years old. The EU runs version 2.0, which was developed iteratively, to meet requirements derived from all users, with full knowledge of lessons learned from conflicts caused by the failures of democracy version 1.0, to be compatible with earlier versions whilst adding new ...
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