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How to live honestly in a post-truth country?

We remainers have real challenges. 

Ever since May proclaimed that Brexit means Brexit, the grand narrative of politicians has sought to ignore or dismiss us.

And having got what he wanted, Johnson now urges us all to unite behind him, thereby putting responsibility on us for healing the rift that he - more than any other - exploited and widened.

  • So we're now supposed to what, pretend that we don't know that the whole brexit farce wasn't promulgated by lies and propaganda?
  • And we're supposed to accept that having a smaller economy, fewer freedoms, a more intolerant society, reduced rights and worse food is somehow, exactly what Britain always needed?
  • And we're supposed to forget that we were ignored by many politicians for three years and yet gaily rejoin the party now that brextieers have succeeded in constricting our opportunities and alienating many of our European friends?

There's no chance of lies reuniting the country.  It didn't work for Trump so why would it work for Boris? 

But truth is Johnson's enemy now, so his only choice is to keep lying.

The way forward?

Somehow, remainers - those who are not leaving the UK - must find an honest way to function in this post truth nation.

There's a risk that we allow ourselves to be quashed by brexiteer accusations that we are unpatriotic or traitorous.  We could just shut up. Or we could even join in with the admiration of the Emporer's new clothes.  

But if we do that, if we - the majority now - just fold, then lies and deception become the accepted norm. 

And there's an even greater risk that we allow ourselves to be consumed by anger and frustration. 

Businesses leaving? Jobs going? GM food on the shelves? Our travel restricted? Consumer and worker rights diminished? NHS missing that extra 350 million per week? Well who's fault is that? We fought Brexit because it's nasty, we told people it was nasty, but they still voted for it.

And it's even more frustrating because remainers had basically won - polls were showing circa 55% thought brexit a bad idea and in the election, about 53% voted for parties who were offering a referendum.   But right wing press spewed their bile, the tory party vomited their propaganda, and now we're headed out of Europe because a minority bought the lies.

We have every right to be angry, but stewing over negative emotions will do us no favours. The main person we'd hurt would be our self.

We do need to breathe. To Relax. To let the stress go.

But not to give up.  Brexit is a disaster, and no government can deliver the unicorns that leavers were promised, so new opportunities will arise for us to influence the UKs course for the better.

Time to choose UK's path: love, or hate?
Why does Tory win feel dirty?

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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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