Ideal gifts for your "Brexit Rebel"


Waving a large EU or UK flag is the traditional manner of voicing opposition to Brexit but that quickly becomes inconvenient in the work canteen, the gym or the supermarket.  So we've developed a vibrant range of merchandise, pitched at various volumes, that can be incorporated more easily into every day life.

We've partnered with a quality print-on-demand company and the results are available on our Etsy store, "The Brexit Rebel".

Would you like to colourfully remind people at work that Brexit is a bad idea?  We have a growing range of mugs to choose from. 

Would you like to fuel gym sessions by remembering how annoying Brexit is?  We have gym shirts and bags. 

Would you like to protest all night long?  We have t-shirts that are comfy enough to sleep in too!

And much more so we hope you find something you like. 

Artists impression (not to size). See the Etsy site for full range and product details.
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If Brexit is the Will of the People...
You can stop Tory and Labour's extreme version of ...


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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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