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Brexit: UK Operating System downgrade


The UK runs democracy version 1.0 which contains some code that is 800 years old.

The EU runs version 2.0, which was developed iteratively, to meet requirements derived from all users, with full knowledge of lessons learned from conflicts caused by the failures of democracy version 1.0, to be compatible with earlier versions whilst adding new features for safety, collaboration, efficiency, resilience and disaster recovery.

Our UK politicians have appropriate read/write access to the EU's version 2.0, but a few system files are restricted.

These are the files that keep the whole EU stable; they don't affect outcomes or decisions, but they are crucial to keeping the system up and running (to protect all users, from extreme left or right wing users )

Our extremely non-technical UK politicians (from both of the largest user groups) are continuing a in a slowly simmering rage because they don't have complete administrative access to a system that 450 million users rely on; a democratic Request For Change process exists, but they think that's not enough, so they are trying everything they can, with no consideration of how it will affect local or remote users, to revert the system back to 1.0. 

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Friday, 24 May 2024

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