Life is much more noisy than it used to be with many different people and organisations each wanting something from us (our money, our vote, our endorsement). 

If we have basic awareness of different perspectives on an issue, we become more resilient to the efforts by those who hope to persuade us for their own personal gain, and that makes positive outcomes (for us, our families, our neighbours, our communities, for nature and the planet) more likely.

So this site exists to refine all that noise down into logical, fundamental, perspectives.  If our collective decision making and evaluation of events shift towards more logical foundations, then the quality of our leaders and politicians will also naturally improve.

Brexit note

The site's done a fair number of articles about Brexit because all the negatives we mention are strongly represented in the Brexit situation.  We receive no funding from anyone for any of our articles (other than the merchandise/affiliate links) and privately bear the costs of researching, writing, illustrating and promoting them in an attempt to share some logical, evidenced based perspectives.